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You already know that tapping into your talents and finding your light feels like MAGIC- do you know what else feels like magic? Using those gifts all over the world in a way that is lucrative and life-giving and entirely on your own terms.

Now that’s magical.

Wealth, Workshops and WanderLUST is an e-course that will help you do exactly that—by giving you clear, distinctive, time- tested methods to turn your limiting beliefs into a limitless business.

Can I get a hell yes?

This 6 module ACADEMY will very clearly show you how to get WORK-ING, WANDER-ING and WEALTH-ING all over the world #asifbymagic


A few likely suspects:

You have dreams of taking your work abroad, but don’t have the international clientele to make it work.

You don’t know your way around the whole host/hostee relationship; meaning you may be burning bridges without realizing it.

When it comes to the legal side of working in other countries, your head spins causing you to “do your best,” which, when it comes to legalities, is a scary gamble.

You stare longingly at photos of beautiful places around the world, but are convinced that traveling costs too much money.

You’re afraid that your work or income stream will suffer if you try and balance work with travel.

The seemingly-tricky technical side of hosting workshops, sessions, and classes keeps you on the sidelines.

You’ve seen other people accomplish this dream but you’re not sure how they got there...or more importantly—how you can get there.


Lucky (or serendipitous) for you, this course takes care of all of those worries and equips you to get out of your own way and start living the damn life you want—full of freedom, free of fear.

Livin la Vida Loca with Glenyce Hughes


WWW_Pic5And take you from “What am I doing wrong?” (because, actually, there is no such thing as ‘wrong,’ it’s all about choices) to “What am I waiting for!” We’ll cover some energy and mindset shifts, naturally, but this course is about very clearly showing you HOW to get working, wandering, and wealth-ing all over the world!

Modules to My Travel AWEsomeness

Gold AirplaneWe’ll get down and dirty with how to build an international fan base so that when you start hosting workshops or seminars all over the world, your seats will be filled.

 Lesson 1:  How to Master Social Media

 Lesson 2:  Designing Newsletters Your Peeps Want to Read

 Lesson 3:  Creating Magic with the Energy Pull

 Lesson 4:  How to Create a Radio Show

 Lesson 5:  Making Money with Google Hangouts

 Lesson 6:  Connecting with People on the Telephone

Gold AirplaneHere you’ll get the steps to becoming a person everyone wants to host, plus some deal-breaking dos and donts so that you’ll be asked back again and again (in countries all over the world).

 Lesson 1: Developing Easy to Read Contracts

 Lesson 2: Building a Phenomenal Relationship with Your Host(s)

 Lesson 3: What To Do, When Things Don't Go As Planned

 Lesson 4: How to Master Social Media Content

 Lesson 5: Becoming the Creator and the Connector

Gold AirplaneThis module breaks down all of the information, resources, and contracts you’ll need so that your legal ducks are in a row and you feel empowered to conduct business in other countries; including debunking a lot of myths and lies that are keeping people stuck and scared.

 Lesson 1: Travel Visas, How and When they are required

 Lesson 2: How to Obtain a Passport

 Lesson 3: Dealing with and Earning Income in Different Currencies

 Lesson 4: Preparing For Your Trip and Essential Checklists

 Lesson 5: Remembering the Last Minute Items As You Walk Out the Door

Module 4: Learning To Live Like A Rockstar

Gold AirplaneDiscover some tried and true ways to actually save money while traveling. Because you don’t have to have vaults full of gold to get out and see the world, and you definitely don’t have to go into debt.

 Lesson 1: How to Get the Best Travel Deals & Upgrades

 Lesson 2: To Travel Agent, or Not to Travel Agent - Do You Use One?

 Lesson 3: By-passing the Barrier of Languages

 Lesson 4: What to Carry-On the Plane, the Necessities

Gold AirplaneBecause when you travel for a workshop, the rest of your business—and income— should stay steady.

 Lesson 1: Revenue Generating Tele-Calls

 Lesson 2: Creating Value with Videos and Sessions

 Lesson 3: How to Plan Ahead for Success on the Road and in the Air

Gold AirplaneThere’s no need to let the technical side of workshops, tele-calls, sessions and more stop you from creating.

 Lesson 1: The Best of the Best in Recording Devices

 Lesson 2: Learn How to Communicate and Conduct Effective Webinars

 Lesson 3: Explore Effective Tele-seminar Lines

 Lesson 4: Wifi Anywhere for Business Development

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At the end of the day, the Wealth, Workshops and WanderLUST Academy is giving you the tools to change your own life—because once you “get it” you’re quite literally unstoppable.

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My Big 'Why'

I used to be unhappy. But in a way that I thought was normal. I thought everyone was mildly discontent—in work, in my marriage, in my body. When I looked around that’s simply what I saw people choosing (key word here!) so I assumed this was just the way it was. As a psychiatric nurse, I always knew I was a

“healer,” but in 2002 I took a Reiki class and my whole world opened up. I spent the next few years studying energy and everything I could get my mitts on and then I created The Healing Room...and now have incorporated into Glenyce Hughes International Inc... which has of course led to my radio programs, publications, and traveling all over the world doing what I love. I am thrilled that I get to do what really lights me up as well as empower others to do the same.

Bonuses Expire when the Clock Strikes 0...

6 Module Academy PLUS $1091 in Bonuses...

ONLY $1177 Canadian
get instant access

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